Hello, and thank you for your interest in being in touch with Blue Ear Books. If you’re a prospective author who would like to publish with us, a media representative interested in contacting any of our authors, or an organization wanting to place a bulk order for any of our books, you can reach me directly by email at, at our postal address, which is 7511 Greenwood Ave N, Box 400, Seattle, WA 98103 USA, or by phone or WhatsApp at +1 206 226 0509.

Blue Ear Books functions, technically, as a for-profit business, but on a very modest scale. My own livelihood comes mainly from editing and ghostwriting fees that I negotiate with individual authors and other clients, not from sales of books written by Blue Ear Books authors. I am the founder and publisher of Blue Ear Books. How and why I founded it is sketched on this site’s About page, but what I want to communicate here is that the work I do as publisher is unpaid and in addition to the editing and writing that I do, outside Blue Ear Books per se, to earn my own living. But I am the responsible person and first point of contact for any and all inquiries regarding Blue Ear Books. To learn about my own background, you can visit my author page.

Eventually Blue Ear Books might develop a fully fledged “masthead,” but until then this page functions as a place to introduce a few people who function informally, either on a volunteer basis or on a per-project paid members, as members of our team. Blue Ear Books author David Howell has recently begun functioning as a mentor and deputy publisher, taking the lead on helping make our publishing and scheduling systems more organized and advocating for print-on-demand as a viable publishing option for authors. Qaisar Shareef is a valued advisor to me on the business side.

Larry Dohrs, Dennis Rea, and John Singleton are my go-to sounding boards when opportunities arise for Blue Ear Books to develop and publish books on global subjects, especially but not only Asian subjects. In our growing subject area of books by and about American military veterans, we have a full team that functions, when called upon, as a committee: April Brown, Stesha Colby, Lisa Carrington Firmin, David Grantham, and Jeb Wyman.

Most Blue Ear Books books are page-designed (interior layout) by Jennifer Haywood using industry-standard InDesign software. Our in-house cover designer and illustrator is Kait Howell.

  – Ethan Casey, Publisher, Blue Ear Books, November 5, 2021