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Weekend rides

In a little over a month, I’ll be heading out on the open road with my daughter Kait for a 2,600-mile cycling adventure. The only way to prepare for such an undertaking is to get out and bike, bike, bike--the best preparation for cycling is cycling. But it’s not just...

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I just watched one of my favorite films, Cast Away. I enjoy the middle portion of the film, when Tom Hanks’s character is alone on a desert island. Yes, he’s with Wilson– but the film, at this point, focuses on how he can survive in solitude. He doesn’t handle...

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Life after Facebook

The other morning, my wife was reading about the Women’s March on Washington. She wanted to share something she found on Facebook with me, so she tried using Messenger–unsuccessfully, since I deleted my Facebook account a couple of weeks ago. It was interesting to...

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