New: Tuva and Busted by Dennis Rea

Published as a companion book to his musical album Giant Steppes, Dennis Rea’s Tuva and Busted is a free eBook available as a joint publication courtesy of Blue Ear Books in partnership with MoonJune Records. In the manner of his previous book Live at the Forbidden City, this richly illustrated account relates the improbable tale of how an early interest in music from the tiny republic of Tuva in remote Central Asia eventually led, via two MuzEnergo tours of Russia, to Rea performing in Tuva, collaborating with distinguished Tuvan musicians, and even acting as a judge in a throat-singing competition. The book also offers expanded liner notes for Rea’s brilliant new album Giant Steppes, detailing each track’s origin and making. Tuva and Busted is available now as a free eBook from Blue Ear Books.

Download Tuva and Busted (PDF)

Acclaim from readers for David Grantham’s Consequences

“Brilliantly written!”

“I could not put this book down. Dr. Grantham has an uncanny ability of drawing the reader into his story. This is the best book I have read in many years.”

“An absolute page-turner.”

“If you are the least bit interested in how the USAF fought the intelligence war in Iraq, then this is a must read. Dr Grantham, then a young intelligence officer, leads you through the war zone in a way that will help you understand how intelligence wins conflicts and how it just as easy can lose a conflict. Because he was on the ground, and actually saving lives through his work, Dr Grantham is a reliable source to tell this important story. Many books are written by people who “wanted” to be there and this book is not that…it was written by a true shadow warrior.”

Order Consequences by David Grantham from Blue Ear Books for $17.95 plus $3.95 US shipping:


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Last Thursday I had to have a routine colonoscopy. Well, I didn’t have to have one, but I had one, because everybody over fifty should. I was even a relatively good sport about it; just ask my wife. Mind you, it’s not like I’m delighted, or even comfortable, sharing...

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