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In the time of coronavirus: Seattle, 6/11/20

From Seattle Times sportswriter Larry Stone’s column, June 10: In negotiations with players to resume a season shut down by the coronavirus pandemic, Major League Baseball is administering self-inflicted wounds from which it might never fully recover, no matter how...

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In the time of coronavirus: Seattle, 6/8/20

Yesterday was a good day overall in my little world, though in a way analogous to how a terminal patient has “good days and bad days,” and you learn to accept the good days with existential gratitude. Last night just before bed I melted down because there were some...

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In the time of coronavirus: Seattle, 6/4/20

Monday morning, June 1, I awoke early feeling drained. This time of year in Seattle it’s hard to sleep in anyway, since it starts getting light before five o’clock. In addition to which there’s now the daily fact that – especially on the West Coast – you go to bed on...

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