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Life after Facebook

The other morning, my wife was reading about the Women’s March on Washington. She wanted to share something she found on Facebook with me, so she tried using Messenger–unsuccessfully, since I deleted my Facebook account a couple of weeks ago. It was interesting to...

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Remembering America

Recently a reader of my book Home Free: An American Road Trip asked me: "I'd guess traveling around the country during the 2012 election would have been interesting, but do you wish you'd done the same for 2016???? 😀" It's an intriguing, pregnant question. On an...

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I had coffee with my friend Jackie the other morning. We hadn’t seen each other for a while, so it was good to catch up. I told her about how my kids are doing, the career, the pursuit of a simplified life, and she told me about her son Brawn, her new role as a CASA…...

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