Connie Ness

Connie Ness was in grade school in Fargo, North Dakota, when John F. Kennedy started the Peace Corps. The idea of helping people while living an adventure in a different land stuck with her through high school and college, where she earned a degree in English, and continued while working several marketing jobs in corporate America.

In 1994, at age 45, she joined the Peace Corps and worked as a business consultant in a pueblo of 2,000 in the interior of Uruguay, an experience she recounts in her book Just Keep Pedaling. After her service, she took her own advice and went into business for herself as a freelance writer. She wrote marketing, sales, and promotional materials for business.

When the pandemic put a stop to life as usual, she took advantage of the downtime to write this book about her Peace Corps experience—25 years after leaving Uruguay. Now she works as a certified SOAR specialist, a program designed to help eligible people who are homeless get Social Security disability benefits.