Jay Joshi

Dr. Jay K. Joshi is a physician entrepreneur passionate about all things healthcare. He regularly mentors healthcare startups throughout the Midwest and recently has begun mentoring inmates in prisons preparing for their entrepreneurial journey post-release. He writes for Daily Remedy and occasionally posts on the blog site Medium. He practices in the greater Northwest Indiana region and oversees multiple entrepreneurial endeavors. He is the founder of Output Medical, a medical device venture that develops FDA registered automated urine meters, and MD Angels, the first physician-based angel investment group in the Midwest.

Dr. Joshi has been featured on National Public Radio, TruthOut, and other media outlets detailing his clinical care for patients with substance use dependencies and the fundamental constitutional violations defining his criminal proceedings. He continues to advocate for healthcare justice reform and has written multiple legal briefs for opioid-related litigation.

Dr. Joshi’s book Burden of Pain is being prepared for spring 2022 publication by Blue Ear Books.