Keys to Success in Emerging Markets

Setting up an American or Western business in emerging markets comes with unique challenges. However, considering the growth potential of such markets, particularly in consumer businesses, those who persevere will be well rewarded.

There was much we learned in my more than dozen years building such businesses for Procter & Gamble in the emerging markets of Pakistan and Ukraine. My experiences are narrated in my book When 

Tribesmen Came Calling. From these experiences I have picked eight areas that were particularly important to our success. These are shared below in the form of “thought pieces” or stories from the trenches.

I think there will be much learning here for anyone contemplating taking their business into emerging markets.

1 – Understanding Consumer Behavior and Preferences

2 – Building Brand Awareness and Retail Distribution

3 – Cultural Competence Is a Business Imperative

4 – Developing Organizations – Nurturing Young Leaders

5 – Navigating Legal and Political Challenges

6 – Being and Being Seen As a Company That Cares

7 – Dealing with Media Thoughtfully

8 – Running a Business in a Globalized World

S. Qaisar Shareef

August 14, 2017