Thomas MacDonald

Thomas MacDonald was born in Bermuda in 1953 and immigrated to Chicago in 1985, where he worked for Marshall Field’s at its flagship department store on State Street. There he met his lifelong partner, Bill Henning. While still living in Chicago, Thomas took a job with the Bermuda Department of Tourism, and in 1998 he was promoted to head up the Boston office. The couple relocated to Salem, Massachusetts, where they still reside. In 2005 Bermuda Tourism assigned Thomas to establish an office in London.

After retiring from the tourism office, Thomas worked for a decade as Director of Sales for the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem. He retired at the end of 2016.

Thomas is the author of Here Is What Happened: A Black Man’s Discoveries and Decisions, published by Blue Ear Books in fall 2021. Read more about Thomas and his decision to write it on his website. Here Is What Happened can be purchased via Amazon.