Bearing the Bruise: A Life Graced by Haiti

by Ethan Casey
“A heartfelt account” – Paul Farmer

Ethan Casey first visited Haiti in 1982, when he was 16 years old, and has returned many times since. His early experience in Haiti influenced his later experiences and responses to other countries, including the five years he lived in Asia in the 1990s. To Ethan, Haiti feels like home.

The January 12, 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti compelled Ethan to revisit the country and complete a book, which he had been writing in drafts and versions since 1994. To complete the book, he returned to Haiti twice in 2010 and once in 2011. Ethan believes that Haiti “has been a repeating grace note” in the adventures of his life.

Dr. Paul Farmer, co-founder of Partners of Health and author of Haiti After the Earthquake says:

In Bearing the Bruise, Ethan Casey offers up a heartfelt account of his travels in Haiti. As an eyewitness, Casey gives readers an informed perspective on many of the political and social complexities that vex those who seek to make common cause with Haiti, our oldest neighbor, as it seeks to emerge from decades of strife and one of the most devastating natural disasters in recent history.

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