Burden of Pain

Burden of Pain details the journey of Dr. Jay K. Joshi, a rising physician entrepreneur who suddenly finds himself immersed in the dizzying world of the opioid epidemic. The book begins as a first-person narrative of Dr. Joshi’s personal experiences, detailing the process by which he loses his patients, his medical practice, and eventually his sense of self. The direct telling of the legal investigation and criminal trial provides a context for Dr. Joshi to present unique solutions to the opioid epidemic, employing principles of medical philosophy and jurisprudence.

Written in two distinct prose styles, Burden of Pain offers insight into the opioid epidemic as only someone who has lived through it can do. Dr. Joshi takes the reader into his mind as he recounts how the Drug Enforcement Administration investigated his practice and the subsequent indictment and criminal proceedings. He then shifts into a more journalistic style to discuss fundamental problems in healthcare that initiated and perpetuate the opioid epidemic.

Dr. Joshi’s perspective correlates the opioid epidemic with other healthcare problems, including other drug epidemics and the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating common patterns of behavior and policymaking that perpetuate patterns of reaction and uncertainty throughout American healthcare.

Dr. Joshi reveals what the science of medicine fails to understand: that medicine has always been an art, and will continue to be primarily an art, regardless of technological advancements. Burden of Pain is required reading for those intimately involved in the opioid epidemic and for healthcare policy leaders passionate about improving healthcare.

Burden of Pain is being prepared for publication in spring 2022 by Blue Ear Books.