Just Keep Pedaling: A Peace Corps Volunteer in Uruguay

by Connie Ness
Just Keep Pedaling is a fast-paced book about life in a slow-paced town. Connie Ness was the first and only North American to live in the tiny pueblo of Baltasar Brum in Uruguay, the second-smallest country in South America.

Ness writes honestly about her conflicted feelings toward the rewards and disappointments of living and working in a culture with different ideas on time and personal responsibility, and about the frustration and isolation of trying to communicate in a different language. In the end she discovered, as so many Peace Corps volunteers do, that doing service work in a developing country is not a one-way street. Her time in Uruguay was a soft clash of cultures, with a little bit of each rubbing off on the other.

Reading Connie Ness’s generously illustrated and engaging account in Just Keep Pedaling is like listening to a friend who just returned from a two-year adventure.

Just Keep Pedaling will be published by Blue Ear Books in early 2023.