Reading in Action

A message from the publisher

My hope in sharing some of what my fellow authors and I read – not only or even primarily on current topics – is that it will be useful to others who, like me, are trying to understand the unusual times we’re now living through. The weekly Blue Ear Books newsletter “Reading in Action” is a way we feel we can contribute to the civic, political, and cultural work we need to be doing.

My guiding principle is that understanding should always precede both judgment and action. It is important to judge and to act, but judging and acting can too easily be damaging rather than constructive, unless we first understand the world and our own situation.

Below are links to archive editions of Reading in Action. Please share them freely, and encourage anyone else who might be interested to sign up to receive it by email, weekly on Mondays, using the form on this website.

Ethan Casey, Publisher
Blue Ear Books