Pervaiz Lodhie

Pervaiz LodhiePervaiz Lodhie is the founder and CEO of LEDtronics, a world-class LED lighting company headquartered in Torrance, California. Since 1983, the solid-state lighting industry has recognized his unrivaled expertise and technical knowledge and his unfailing ability to produce innovative design and technical improvements that continue to advance the field of LED lighting. Pervaiz and LEDtronics continue to be at the leading edge of energy-efficient, eco-friendly LED lighting, providing lighting solutions for all industries and applications.

Pervaiz immigrated to the United States from Pakistan in 1967. In 1998 he established Shaan Technologies in his home city of Karachi, Pakistan. Shaan Technologies is now a leading manufacturer of solar panels and assembly contracting, serving Pakistan and other parts of South Asia.

Reflecting his truly global perspective, Pervaiz has been an active member of the U.S. Trade Advisory Committee, led at the time by then-Congresswoman Jane Harman. He also leads a large philanthropic program – “Pelli Kiran” (First Ray of Light) – which provides funding for programs that provide educational and healthcare opportunities to impoverished women, men and children in Pakistan.

Pervaiz Lodhie is currently writing an autobiography with the working title Lighting the Way: An Innovator’s Journey in Pakistan and America.