Powerful veterans’ memoirs, published Spring 2024

Stephen Russell presents a brutally honest account of his experiences as an infantry soldier during his deployment in Iraq.

Fueled by a sense of duty and a desire for personal redemption, Stephen Russell shares the untold stories of his band of brothers, dispelling the notion of heroism and challenging the societal constructs that surround it. With brutal honesty and a refusal to conform to conventional narratives, this memoir offers an intimate portrayal of the humanity behind the war, exposing the complex emotions, moral dilemmas, and sacrifices faced by soldiers on the front lines. It presents a stark contrast between the harshness of combat and the illusion of patriotism, urging readers to confront the uncomfortable truths that lie beneath the surface of military culture.

Through vivid descriptions, poignant reflections, and unfiltered personal accounts, Troublemakers serves as a poignant reminder of the fragile nature of humanity, a tribute to unsung heroes, and a powerful critique of the societal systems they serve.  He ends with a call to action for American culture and society to understand our complicity and responsibility in the Iraq war, and how this has shaped our current lives and events.

Troublemakers: The Greatest Dog and Pony Show in Iraq is generously illustrated with the author’s original artwork. Purchase it for $19.95 per copy plus $3.95 US shipping. Or use this QR code:

Stesha Colby-Lynch offers a glimpse into the mind of a mentally ill veteran forced to come to terms with the ghosts of her past.

In September 2006, Stesha Colby-Lynch left Memphis to head into the Marine Corps, not knowing that it would have a lasting impact on her life. However, her life in the Marines began not in 2006, but in 1984, with her birth as a Marine dependent. Stesha survived a dysfunctional childhood, only to be sacrificed to the horrors of abuse within the fabric of the Marine Corps. Instead of seeking professional help, she turned to alcohol, sex, and other substances as coping mechanisms.

No One Leaves Unscathed is a deeply personal memoir replete with stories of love, friendship, and survival.

Purchase No One Leaves Unscathed: A Woman in the Marine Corps for $18.95 per copy plus $3.95 US shipping. Pre-purchased copies will be shipped in June 2024, with our thanks for your support for independent publishing by veteran authors.

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Recent notable books, published Fall 2023

The default setting for global leadership in modern times is Nelson Mandela.

In these times of global strife and uncertainty, we need role models we can turn to for inspiration, guidance, and genuine leadership. Now more than ever, we need to take stock and push the default setting button. The default setting for global leadership in modern times is Nelson Mandela. His is the leadership we need.

Purchase The Leadership We Need by Andrew Russell for $US16.95 plus $3.95 US shipping direct from Blue Ear Books, or via Amazon.

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Latina Warrior is a collection of poems, prose, and art in which Col. Lisa Carrington Firmin, USAF (Ret.) weaves her journey in deeply personal, intense, explicit, and sometimes humorous expression.

Accompanying Lisa’s story expressed through poetry is the diverse art of Major Christina Helferich-Polosky, USA (Ret.). Included in a Reflections section are glimpses into the creation of each poem and art piece, demonstrating the unique collaboration between Lisa and Christina. Cover design by Sean Robertson. Christina used a photo of Lisa in a helicopter in Iraq as her inspiration, to honor both her Latina heritage and her military experiences.

Purchase Latina Warrior for $34.95 (unsigned) or $39.95 (signed) plus shipping direct from the author, or via Amazon.