Musings of a Nomad: Essays on Life and Living

by Aisha Farooqui

Aisha Farooqui is a Pakistani diplomat with a diverse career profile spanning more than two decades. She has served abroad in Pakistan’s missions in France, Egypt, the United Kingdom, Turkey and the United States, as well as at the Foreign Ministry in Islamabad.

She believes that diplomats worldwide are bridges that connect people, cultures, and countries. There is no greater caring than to contribute toward greater understanding and harmony between diverse people, in the interest of global harmony and order.

This collection of essays began as a diary of thoughts and reflections that the author called an “inner journey,” parallel to the external journeys she has undertaken as a diplomat.

“In sharing glimpses of my own life journey, thoughts, and feelings, I hope to dispel this false notion that the ‘other’ is different from me,” she writes. “The truth is that beneath the surface, and beyond differences of color, race, nationality, ideology, and belief, the entire human race is united by the same thread: what I like to call the ‘heart thread’ that binds us all by similar hopes, fears, doubts, joys, grief, success, failure, and confusion about life and living.”


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