Paying Attention in America

by Ethan Casey
At the end of Home Free: An American Road Trip (2013), the account of his 3 1/2-month, 18,000-mile driving trip around the contiguous United States during and after the 2012 presidential election, Ethan Casey wrote:

One of the motivating premises of my project had been that America was not separate or different from the rest of the world. I had proven that, at least to my own satisfaction. And I had seen for myself that while the United States, plural, might be in some sense a single country, they are also an archipelago of disparate communities. Whether the center would hold was an open question.

Casey proceeded to explore that open question in a series of essays and speeches written and delivered between 2013 and 2017. With titles like “Who Serves America?”, “Who Is at War with Whom, and Why?” and – provocatively – “What It Means to Be White in America,” the essays constitute one writer’s rolling, episodic response to America’s unfolding crisis. The book’s centerpiece is an eight-part chain of short essays with the overall title “America: Now What?”, composed as events unfolded during the crucial period between February and April 2016.

Several chapters of Paying Attention in America can be read free of charge online:

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