Blue Ear Books is proud to publish Consequences: An Intelligence Officer’s War by David Grantham

In 2020, ISIS followers are being encouraged to use COVID-19 to sicken Westerners. An ISIS supporter attacked a Naval base in Corpus Christi, Texas. Iran and the United States exchanged blows in Iraq. We are still living in the long shadow of the Iraq War.

In 2006, David Grantham was fresh out of college and serving as a counterintelligence officer with the elite and secretive Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Iraq was veering toward civil war. The U.S. military desperately needed better on-the-ground intelligence to turn the tide. Grantham found himself in Kuwait and Afghanistan, then at Iraq’s infamous American prison, Camp Bucca. Not only was Bucca the breeding ground for the Islamic State, it was in southern Iraq, where America’s deadly fight with Iran was an open secret.

“Very little has been written on the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations efforts in the global war on terror.  Consequences by David Grantham provides a unique and fascinating window into the nuts and bolts of OSI counterintelligence operations. You won’t be disappointed.”

– Fred Burton, author of Beirut Rules: The Murder of a CIA Station Chief and Hezbollah’s War Against America

Consequences by David Grantham will be published in fall 2020. It is available for pre-order from Blue Ear Books for $17.95 plus $3.95 US shipping:

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Tuva and Busted, an e-book in PDF format by Dennis Rea, to be published October 2020 in partnership with MoonJune Records to coincide with the release of Dennis’s brilliant new album of Central Asian-themed music, Giant Steppes.

Tuva and Busted is being made available free of charge, compliments of Blue Ear Books and MoonJune Records. You can purchase Dennis Rea’s acclaimed account of his earlier adventures, Live at the Forbidden City: Musical Encounters in China and Taiwan, from Blue Ear Books for $12.95 plus $3.95 US shipping.

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