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In the time of coronavirus: Seattle, 8/1/20

The last few days since I got out of the hospital have been quite good and happy in our little household, certainly trending in the right direction. For one thing, to make a long story short, Jenny managed to extricate herself from a regrettable work situation that...

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In the time of coronavirus: Seattle, 7/27/20

Last Thursday I had to have a routine colonoscopy. Well, I didn’t have to have one, but I had one, because everybody over fifty should. I was even a relatively good sport about it; just ask my wife. Mind you, it’s not like I’m delighted, or even comfortable, sharing...

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In the time of coronavirus: Seattle, 7/21/20

“The thing about Hong Kong, and of course that’s my favorite city,” Edith told me on the phone yesterday, “is that the police threw everything at the demonstrations there. So it was being used by China as a test case, for when there are demonstrations in some random...

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